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Terro Liquid Ant Bait

Pest control services, today, have come a long way since I started my career in April 1996. The materials used have less odor and are less likely to cause issues to the customer and technician. The formulations have also improved. We are able to place gel baits away from small children and pets. No longer is the spray jockey in demand. There are still good uses for the spray can in the home, but not as part of whole house floorboard spraying. Fleas and ticks are acceptable uses for this method.

Why Inside Treatment

Pest control services for silverfish, bed bugs, german cockroaches, spiders and pantry pests are some of the reasons to have indoor spray treatments. There may be a need to service or at least inspect the interior for these pest on every visit. Usually, there is only a need to treat the inside of the home once. After the initial service, control may be established by outside only treatments.

Industry Training

The training in our industry has also improved from a shared effort between our associations and distributors. Back in the day the service manager would give the spray jockey, “technician”, a bottle of concentrate and tell him to go forward and soak the homes you have on the schedule. There are some customers who think the technician isn’t doing his job if they can’t smell the chemical after treatment. So, the company keeps the customer by giving them what they want.

Today much of our industry’s training is about Integrated Pest Management (IPM). A holistic approach to pest management. Doing more with less.

  1. Manage pests to acceptable levels
  2. Minimize risks to people, non-target organisms, and environment.
  3. Economical and practical pest control

I will cover IPM in more depth, in later posts.

If you are in the Richmond, Virginia area and would like more information about pest control services I offer, Contact Us for more information.

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