Hometown Pest Services serves the City of Richmond and the counties of Hanover and Henrico Virginia.

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Hometown Pest Services

Serving customers in Richmond, Virginia and the surrounding areas. Most times an annual agreement is required due to the type of pest issues you want to control and require ongoing inspection and treatment. They’re times, however, when money is a huge concern so we may take a look at performing a one time “special service” to give some relief. Something is better than nothing. However, it is very important we get your involvement in the process.

Money Back Guarantee

Hometown Pest Services is so confident in the ability to solve your covered pest issue that if we can’t satisfy you, we will continue to come out until you are satisfied. If we can’t get rid of your covered pest issue, we will refund your last regular service charge. Ask about our Money Back Guarantee. Annual agreement is required. Some Conditions Apply.

Brad Whitley is the ant control specialist at Hometown Pest Services, LLC.


Call The Tech

When you call Hometown Pest Services the call goes directly to our Owner/Technician, Brad Whitley. How cool is that? Most of the calls we get are for service. So, if Brad doesn’t answer the call right away, leave a message. He’ll call you back shortly. 804.256.8800


You have a lot of options when it comes to a pest control company, so why choose Hometown Pest Services?


Our company prides itself on our ability to communicate the truth about the pest issues you have and what it will take to get the issue under control. Hometown Pest Services chooses not to be all things to all customers. We offer specific controls for specific pests keeping the cost of general pest to the lowest possible. We have partnered with other companies for wildlife and other pest issues without receiving compensation. What this means to you is you will receive the lowest cost from our partners without you having to get bids. This is a great time and money saver for you.


Since 1996 our technician has been certified in Virginia. Brad Whitley has been a sales consultant, a service technician, and a service manager for the two largest pest control companies in America. He has been trained in the pest control field thru two distance learning entities including;

  • Purdue University – Pest Control Technology
  • Texas A&M – Termite Biology and Control
  • AIB (American Institute of Baking) – Food Processing Sanitation/Hygiene
  • VPMA’s (Virginia Pest Management Association) – Master Technician: Pest Ants Workshop
  • VPMA’s Certified WDI (Wood Destroying Insect) Inspector Program

What experience does your technician have?


Our quality is in our people and materials. There are ways to cut costs in the pest control industry and businesses have to do what they can to stay in business. We understand that. To get and keep you pest free we have a highly trained technician and use high quality materials. We want you to be pest free and that’s how we do it.


Next Steps…

Give Brad a call. If he’s not under a house, speaking with a customer, or sleeping, he’ll call you at the very next chance he gets.

Call Now! 804.256.8800